فيفا (اماراتي) 500 نقطة


What are FIFA Coins 20 FUT Points?

FIFA Points are the virtual currency of FIFA Ultimate Team mode. With Points, the player will be able to unlock the contents of packets offered at the FUT store. The contents of the packets vary and may include anything from new kits to legendary football players. When purchased, the player can immediately open the packet to see its contents. The packets are divided by rarity and the higher the rarity of players in the packet, the higher the price.

How to redeem FIFA 20 FUT Points for PS4?

  • Purchase a code from Don’t forget that the region should match yours.
  • Click here to insert your account details to log in. You can also access your account via the PlayStation App or console.
  • Click on your persona (upper right corner) and click “Manage Account”.
  • Click on “Redeem Prepaid Card” (left side), enter the code click “Continue”.
  • Press “Redeem” button to add the item or funds to your account.
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