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This $25 American Express Gift Card will be instantly delivered by email. Shop safely online, within the United States and Puerto Rico, at any US website that accepts American Express Gift Cards. It cannot be used for recurring billing or subscriptions. Immediately after your purchase, you will receive all your card’s details ready to use!

How it works

Follow the simple instructions below to use your gift card or to check your card’s balance.

The card is a non-reloadable American Express Prepaid Gift Card that works immediately after purchase. You do not need to activate the card and it is accepted at most US websites that accept American Express Gift Cards.

To use this card, simply enter the card code, security code (or CVC) and expiration date when paying at the website of your choice. This card cannot be used for recurring subscriptions or bill pay and may require registration by some online merchants. Simply call 1-877-297-4438 to register your card. 

Transaction fees or temporary authorization charges may apply, depending on the online store and payment provider policy. Make sure to know your card’s balance before making a payment. 

*See Cardholder Agreement at AmexGiftCard website for further details.

How to check your Amex Gift Card balance:

  • Visit:

  • Sign in by entering your 15 digit card code, the expiration date and the security code of your gift card.

  • Enter your email address in the bottom field to register (optional).

  • Check the verification box and click “Sign In”.

  • Use VPN USA 

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